Wisdom Wednesday: Guidance takes faith

posted on: 5.08.2013

To ask for the guidance of God is to make a choice, and this takes faith. It must be faith of a far higher kind than the breezy "if I like what I see I'll take it." It is the faith that has strength to wait for the rewards God hols, strength to believe they are worth waiting for, worth the price asked. Our prayers for guidance (or for anything else) really begin here: I trust him. This requires abandonment. We are no longer saying "if I trust him, he'll give me such and such," but "I trust him. Let him give me or withhold from me what he chooses."
—Elisabeth Elliot, A Slow & Certain Light (p. 15)

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  1. Thank you for sharing! It's so true - trust is so important...

  2. Thanks for these words.

  3. this is terrifying
    but also so encouraging.
    thank you


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