Times are hard.

posted on: 9.06.2010

Many won't understand, accept or receive what I'm about to say. But obedience is all he asks of me.

Times are hard to be playing a Christian. Jesus is coming back for those who have sanctified themselves. He's coming back for a holy remnant. He won't take anything less. Those that are living double lives, that are enamored by the earthly things, He won't take those. I have to be obedient to His voice and He wants me to tell you that He is coming. Not later, not soon, but now. He's coming now. He's not standing at the door anymore. He's further in.

Come back to Him, beloved.

"I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown."
-Revelation 3:11

Heaven and hell, they're real. More real than the blue sky above us. There are more people in hell than in heaven. There are more believers in hell than heaven. This earth is fading and we have stopped worshiping, praising and surrendering to the Almighty. We have stopped reading the living Word (some of us have never picked it up and yet we claim to be "Christians" when we don't even know what we believe). We stopped believing Jesus is returning. We rather settle and live life ignoring the very detail that should make us come alive in our faith. We look forward to each day in this broken world instead of looking forward to our eternal life. We have gone astray. And you may think you're going to church and you are serving God, but in reality, you serve yourself. How much time do you truly dedicate to Christ? Just one day a week? Just a few minutes a day? He is the very purpose we even breathe.
Are you preaching salvation? Why have we been so selfish to keep the Gospel to ourselves when our neighbor is in need of our Savior? Why aren't we sharing Christ? Is it shame? He took us out of the pit.

I wouldn't play Christianity if I were you. The prophetic clock is ticking...and ticking fast. Don't be foolish into thinking God won't do what He declared.

"God is not a man, that he should lie,
nor a son of man, that he should change his mind.
Does he speak and then not act?
Does he promise and not fulfill?"
-Numbers 23:19

Come back, beloved. He meant hell to be a place for the enemy and his fallen angels, not for you. Accept Him as your Savior, repent from your old ways and take His hand. He'll lead you to Himself; to His dwelling.

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