Desperate Struggle

posted on: 11.17.2010

© jessieroth
"The evangelization of the world is a desperate struggle with the Prince of Darkness and with everything his rage can stir up in the shape of obstacles, vexations, oppositions, and hatred, whether by circumstances or by the hand of man. It is a serious task. Oh, it should mean a life of consecration."
-Francois Coillard, missionary of Zambesi

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  1. Oh yes. A life of consecration. It's all or nothing with God, and I think that is what makes Him so beautiful!

  2. I was searching for the definition of the Hebrew word "Oz" and discovered your bog! How incredible and how profound that God is speaking similar things through His bride. I don't know where you are from or where you are going but be ever so encouraged that I live in a house with 3 women all perusing, beliving and trusting in the Father with a great love for the arts as do and your writing and photography is profound!


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