DIY: Diana mini

posted on: 7.06.2011

You may or may not have known that I wanted to get my hands on a Diana mini. But even though I could afford it, I refused to pay $100-ish something for a toy camera. I mean, really? come on!
But alas, I stepped into UO's 4th of July sale not knowing I would find myself with a special edition diana mini camera. with. flash. My smile widened. {Especially when the retail price said $120 and my total was $41!!!}
Anywho, as much as I was happy to get my hands on this camera, I was not looking forward to seeing a worm smoking mushroom everytime I wanted to snap a picture.
This is how the need to create started! Why not paint my diana mini? It's a plastic toy camera after all.

I grabbed a silver tissue paper and used it as my working mat. {I used acrylic paints with small paintbrushes.} I painted over what i wanted to cover (anything alice-related, lol) with the color white (about 3 coats; letting each coat dry). Then I thought of a design and used red (about two coats). And finally, with a black sharpie (I know what you're thinking, but it worked wonders!) I did some designs I had in my old moleskine notebook (thanks Jayvier).

That's pretty much all I did; genius, I know! I just love having a customized diana mini.
[Not Shown: I put my name on the left hand side + Ephesians 5:13 on the back with a cute heart]

If you don't feel like permanently painting, find out how to make a skin for it here.

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  1. you little lucky duck! I seriously want one so bad! Now im even more in love.... fabulous find!

  2. Wow!! You did an awesome job! You really inspired me to do some DIY. Loving your blog and now following xxxx

  3. that looks awesome :) I did something like that to my $1 toy camera I got at a vintage shop on my honeymoon :)

    You and your blog are looking lovely, by the way!

  4. love your new look, very cheerful and well done! your blog is one of my very favorites.


  5. wow, that turned out awesome! I'm totally jealous:) A diana is currently on my wishlist. I love the idea of painting it, now it is one of a kind and all your own!
    new follower on your cute blog:)

  6. oh wow, so creative and what a bargain!



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